1. Who We are?

We are Natural Stone Manufacture from Indonesia. We have supply to many country from Australia, America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Our Manufacture can supply high Quality Green Stone Sukabumi,  Black Lava Stone, White Limestone, Cream Limestone, Andesite, Black Basalt, Yellow Sandstone, Slate Stone, etc. We can Produce with high detail size of Natural Stone tiles with Tolerance to /- 1 mm. Our Manufactured will produce Size and Type Natural stone request by Customer.

Green Sukabumi Tiles

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, Our Passionate staff will happy to answer all question from you and will assist you until you  get a decision for your Project, Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff have high experience to solve  and handled cases and project of Natural stone Indonesia. Customer is our priority to choose our material and production. We will serve our customer with high responsible and professional.

Bali Pool Tiles Indonesia

2. Our Material

We have selected our Material Supplier to get High quality Material before to process it. Our Parameter when choose our Supplier are Color, Price, experience, etc. Our Parameter is different for specify Natural Stone. We buy our Bali Stone Tiles Material direct from first supplier (Mining).

Bali Stone Tiles
Green Bali Pool Tiles Factory

3. Our Product (Bali Stone Tiles)

We have Manufacture can supply high Quality Green Stone Sukabumi (Bali Swimming Pool Tiles),  Black Lava Stone, White Limestone, Cream Limestone, Andesite, Black Basalt, Yellow Sandstone, Slate Stone, etc for your project or building. Our product will  pre-selected before send to our Customer. In below we will tell you About our Product :

  • Green Stone Sukabumi (Bali Swimming Pool Tiles)

Different of Green Pool Tiles (Honed and Sawn Cut Finishing)

Green Sukabumi stone was widely known as Green Sukabumi Stone because it originated from West Java, Indonesia. In Brazilian market you will know this stone with name Pedra Hijau and it is widely used around the globe for walls and pool application. With availability in smooth and rough finish (think “rock face”), you are certain to find a material that brings out the best in whatever application that it is being used for your Pool tiles. Sukabumi Stone Tiles (Bali Swimming Pool Tiles) has become famous stone because just can find in Indonesia (Rare Stone) and used by Swimming Pool in Bali’s  Hotel. The Very Big Hotel and elegant hotel from used it is Haging Garden of Bali. Haging Garden is very Famous in the world because has very elegant and Amazing pool made from Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles (Bali Swimming Pool Tiles).

  • Black Lava Stone Tiles Indonesia

Black Lava Stone Tiles

Lava Stone Tiles is elegant and beautiful stone that can be found  in volcanoes  activity location likes in Java (Indonesia). Black Lava Stone Indonesia has strong and endurance material that can endurance from all condition like wet condition, dry condition, etc because it is formed in high temperature. Lava stone Tiles  has much tiny holes, that made Lava stone Tiles has natural cooling ability and anti slip.  Indonesia Black Lava Stone Tilescan found in Amazing Temple in the world (Borobudur). All of this Strong building are build from Lava Stone Tiles. The Application in borobudur temple show us Lava Stone can used for very long time because it is hard to broken or crack.

  • White Classic Limestone

White Limestone Tiles

White Classic Limestone is beautiful and elegant stone that can found in Java Indonesia. Futhermore, This stone has texture like Limestone palimanan but this stone more strong from Limestone palimanan. Usually used for Elegant and High Class hotel for Tiles, Pool deck, wall, etc. Texture of White Classic Stone is very smooth because this stone like Limestone but has more density. Classic Limestone is not have hardness like Andesite, so need more thickness if used for walk location (Tiles).

  • Cream Limestone

Ivory Cream Limestone Tiles

Elegant Cream Limestone has beautiful texture like White Classic Limestone but Cream Limestone has Elegant Cream color. Cream limestone is very good to install to wall, tiles, pool deck, etc. Usually this stone used to elegant Hotel, Your elegant and beautiful House wall, tiles, etc and Beautiful Swimming pool deck. For you like cream color, this stone is very suitable for you. Elegant Cream Limestone has same texture like Limestone but has more hardness and more density from Limestone. White Classic Limestone is not have hardness like Andesite, so need more thickness if used for walk location (Tiles).

  • Andesite

Gray Andesite Stone Tiles

Andesite is igneous rock, commonly found in the environment with high volcanic activity, such as Indonesia. This Stone name derived from the name of the Andes Mountains. Grey or Black Andesite stone is very Hard and endurance material because andesite has high density and formed by high temperature lava of Volcanoes. Andesite can use for wall, tiles, floor, etc. One of very hardness stone in the world is Andesite Stone, So Andesite is very hard to broken and crack.

  • Yellow Sandstone

Yellow Palimanan Sandstone

Yellow Sandstone has random lines yellow Texture. sandstone is not heavy stone, so need a high thickness to formed this stone. The Color of this stone is very elegant like natural sand.  Yellow sandstone has smooth and soft face. Sandstone is usually used for wall and Tiles.

  • Slate Stone

Slate Stone Tiles

Slate Stone commonly call Templek stone / Plate Stone is a type of metamorphic rock that is formed due to changes in high pressure and high temperature geothermal. Templek slabs or better known as the Slate rock formed from clay and shale. Named templek stones or stone slabs because it resembles a thin slab stone excavated material is scattered in several locations; Cisewu the District, such as Pasir Ciaseup, Ciawitali Kampung (Village Girimukti), Kampung Lio, Cipicing, Ciguntur, Cilumbu and Plain Loa (Village Cisewu) and Hail Magelang (Hamlet Waru)

4. Packaging

When we send our Stone to other Country, We need to packing the stone with High Quality Packing. With safe packaging, the stone will be avoid from broken and crack. Our packaging is International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) and covering with stryrofoam. The standar ISPM Packaging for Our Company used solid wood, use strapping band for the stone, use Iron strap for the wood box, etc. to make the stone is safe.

1. Straping Band the Stone
2. Wood Packing with Styrofoam
3. Strapping the solid Wood Packaging with Iron Strapping

5. Shipment of Bali Stone Tiles

We can send our product to your country with FCL or LCL. To Sending your product we has professional Shipment agent to help you until you get your product. With LCL Shipment, your product will need more time to wait this Container until full. For High Quantity product, you can choose FCL product. More Information Please contact US.

Stuffing Process Sukabumi Stone

6. Our Factory

If you would like to know more about our Bali Stone Tiles especially Green Stone Sukabumi, White Limestone Jogja, Elegant Cream Limestone Jogja, Lava Stone Indonesia, Slate, Amazing Black Basalt, Andesite, Yellow Sandstone, Kerobokan. Please Contact Us :

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