1. Yellow Spot on Green Stone

The first problem on Green stone Sukabumi is yellow spot. This yellow spot has 2 criteria, permanent from the stone or stain from other material. For permanent Yellow spot from nature, we can not clean it because it come together with the Green sukabumi Stone. If the yellow spot contains from other material, we can clean it.

Yellow Spot (Not Permanent)  

The Yellow spot usually gets when we store it for a long time (not used for long time). Yellow spot arise from oxidation of Green Stone Sukabumi with Oxygen in the air. This problem also come when we buy not good quality material green stone sukabumi from Supplier. Before you buy it, make sure you choose the right supplier. We will show you how to clean this Yellow spot.

  • You can use ceramics cleaner mix with water with ratio 25% Ceramic cleaner and 75% Water.
  • After that mix it, and throw the Mix fluid on the Face of the yellow spot (if you want saving cost and has much stone with yellow spot, you can deep Face of yellow stone on Vessel) noted : The Vessel should fit with the size of green stone.
Dry Condition (before and After Clean)
  • Then wait 1-2 minute and brush it with soft nylon. Brush the Green stone usually need 1 to 2 minute depend with the spot.
  • After that clean it with water. For optimum result, clean it with pressure water.

When you get Green Stone with high Yellow spot, you will spend much time to clean it. To Prevent this problem with choose high quality green stone from professional supplier.

2. Mud

If you Get Green Stone with Mud, it’s not hard to clean. Just need Nylon Brush or soft Plastic. Before Brush the stone, make sure the green stone in dry condition. If the stone has dry condition, Brush the stone with nylon or soft plastic Brush. Next, Spray it with neutral stone cleaner, If the mud not clean contact proffesional cleanner.

To solve that two problem, we suggest you choose the right Supllier before buy it. Our manufacture always send our Clients with high quality Green Stone Tiles. Before we send to our customer, we will preselected the tiles.

Pre-selected Stone Before send to Our Clients

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