Peppres Seminyak Villa (REVIEW)

Peppres Seminyak is one of Luxury Villa From Bali. This villa has modern design and using natural Material for some of exterior and interior design. The Natural Material for some part of Peppres Villas’s building are Wood, and Natural Stone. This villa has Natural and Fresh view in outdoor nor indoor because using this natural material. For you want to get Natural view with modern design should try take a rest in this villa.

Bali Pool Tiles
(Source : Peppres Seminyak)

One of thing why much tourist want to take a rest in this villa Because has beautiful and Elegant Swimming Pool. Peppres Seminyak has one Big Pool and Many of Mini Swimming Pool. The Mini Swimming Pool are build for 1 area with 3 room to give Private Area for Visitor. With this mini Swimming Pool we will feel free and private because just for our family and near to our room. The Swimming Pool has modern design and using Famous Stone tiles in the world called Green Stone Sukabumi. Furthermore The Pool is using Lava Stone Too for Pool Deck.

Mini Swimming Pool
(Source : Peppres Seminyak)

On the above picture, we can see the Mini Swimming Pool has Fresh,  Clean water, Natural Green Color and Natural Area. The pool has fresh and clean water because it’s using Green Stone Sukabumi . This Swone has Natural Cleaners Substance called Zeolite. The Zeolite Substance will kill the Microorganism in the water. Futhermore, Green Stone Sukabumi make the Pool has Natural Green view too for the Pool. Combination of Green Stone and Lava Stone for the Pool deck make The Pool has Elegant and Beautiful Appearance with dark and Green Color.

Green Sukabumi Stone
(Source : Peppres Seminyak)

On Above picture we can see a Natural Green Color come from the Pool. If you want made your Pool like that, you can choose Green Sukabumi Stone for pool tiles and Lava Stone for Pool Deck. Some Hotel using White Limestone for the Pool deck to get a Classic White Color.

Bali Lava Stone Pool Deck
Source : Peppres Seminyak

When you using the Right Material and Design, you will get a very beautiful and Elegant Appearance for your Swimming Pool. On above picture, we can see The Big pool from Peppres Seminyak Villa. The Big Pool has very hard design because has Bending and combination Green Stone and Lava Stone. Therefore, The Pool is look very Luxury and Amazing. Moreover The pool has many Green Tree likes Natural Area.

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles
(Source : Peppres Seminyak)

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