1. About Paras Kerobokan Stone

Paras Kerobokan is a natural stone from Bali. This stone is meaningful for people in Bali. We can find this stone on the wall or tiles. This stone is a reflection of peace.


The color of Paras Kerobokan is dark gray with some black spots. The building will look natural and traditional using this stone. For a modern and minimalist building, this stone will give a classic style.

2. Types and Standard Sizes

We can produce many sizes and types of Paras Kerobokan Stone. The standard sizes that we usually produce are 200 x 200, 200×400, 300×300, 300×600, and 400×400 mm. The thickness are +/- 20 mm, +/-30 mm, and +/- 40 mm. We supply a high quality of Paras Kerobokan. The standard tolerance is from +/- 1 mm up to +/- 2 mm. If you want a thickness tolerance of +/-1 mm, we can produce it for you.

Sawn Cut Bali KJerobokan Stone

The finishing of Paras Kerobokan are Sawn Cut, Honed, Rough Face Finishing, etc. Sawn Cut Finishing is a machine cut finishing. If you want to get a natural texture, you can choose rough face finishing. For a special size, we can produce it. Please contact us.

3. Substances of Kerobokan Stone

Here is the substance of Kerobokan Stone according to the laboratory test:


4. Applications of Paras Kerobokan

Paras Kerobokan can be used for walls, tiles and floor. We will get a traditional look. Below, you can see the applications of Kerobokan Limestone:


Kerobokan Bali Stone Stairs
For Elegant Outdoor Wall
For Elegant Outdoor Wall with Kerobokan Tiles

If you want to know more about our Bali Stone Tiles, Green Stone Sukabumi, White Palimanan Limestone, Cream Palimanan Limestone, Black Lava Stone, Slate, Black Basalt, Andesite, Yellow Palimanan Sandstone, and Kerobokan, please contact us.

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