Green Stone Sukabumi Tiles

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Product Detail

  • Product Name :Green Stone Sukabumi Smooth Face
  • Finishing :Sawn cut, Honed, Bullnose, Rough Face, etc
  • Size :(300x300x10, 200x400x10, 100x100x10, 100x200x10, 150x150x10, 200x200x10) mm
  • Note :For Custom Size or Question, Please contact Us

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Green Sukabumi stone was widely known as Green Sukabumi Stone because it originated from West Java, Indonesia. In Brazilian market you will recognize this stone with name Pedra Hijau and it is widely used around the globe for walls and pool application. With availability in smooth and rough finish (think "rock face"), you are certain to find a material that brings out the best in whatever application that it is being used for. Read more >>>
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