Four Season Sayan is located near a river and forest. We can feel the natural fife from this hotel. Four Season Sayan is a luxury resort in Bali. It provides a complete facilities and services. We will be comfortable and enjoy when we take a holiday in this resort. This resort provides an elegant Swimming Pool, natural forest, comfortable room, good service, etc.

Sukabumi Stone Tiles
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Bali Sukabumi Stone Tiles for Pool
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The swimming pool of Four Season at Sayan applied some natural stones. Some of the floor and wall used natural stone. The natural stones make Four Season look natural and awesome. For the Pool tiles, it applied Green Sukabumi Stone and Black Lava Stone for the pool deck. This combination gives natural color of green black to the swimming pool.

Bali Lava Stone Pool Deck
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Sukabumi Stone Tiles for Pool Wall and Tiles
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We will explain more about Green Sukabumi Stone. Green Sukabumi Stone is a great natural stone for swimming pool tiles. This stone can make the swimming pool clean, durable, has stable temperature and anti slip. Green Sukabumi stone can make the pool clean because it has zeolite substances. This substance can destroy microorganisms from the pool. This substance is usually used to purify water. Green Sukabumi Stone is strong and durable. It has been used in many hotels and villas. This stone will make the swimming pool durable in all conditions for a long time.

Bali Lava Stone Pool Deck
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Bali Lava Stone Pool Deck
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Great Experience in Green Sukabumi Stone Pool

Green Sukabumi Stone can keep the temperature normal and cold because this stone can absorb the heat. This stone is anti slip. So, this stone is safe to be applied as swimming pool tiles. For the pool deck, it used Black Lava Stone. Black Lava Stone is a great choice for pool decks because it can make the pool deck comfortable when we walk barefoot. This stone has an elegant color of black in wet conditions.

White Bali Tiles Floor and Walling
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Another White Bali Tiles Pool deck
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Four Season Sayan also used White Palimanan Stone. This stone was applied for some walling and flooring in Four Season Sayan, Bali. That is our review about Four Seasons Resort Sayan, Bali that used Green Sukabumi Stone, Black Lava Stone and White Palimanan StoneWe hope this article can give you some information. For more reviews, please check on our website. For more details about natural stone, please don’t hesitate to contact us.