Four Seasons resort is one luxury and awesome resort in the world. In this Article, we will Explain about one great Four Season Resort in Seychelles at Desroches Island. We know Seychelles is one great tourism resort in the world because have natural view and beautiful beach. The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island have natural concept. It’s make this resort can merge with nature place in Desroches Island seychelles.

Awesome Four Season at Desroches Island
Bali Green Sukabumi Pool
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The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island have applied many natural concept for the building. The resort applied Wooded Building, Natural Stone and many nature view near this resort. With this article, we will focus to review the natural stone tiles that applied to this Resort. The Natural Stone applied for Floor and the Pool.

Bali Green Sukabumi Pool
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From the pool we can get natural green appearance, this appearance is get from Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. The Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles is one wonderful natural stone Tiles in the world because it’s make the pool more natural and very safe. The Bali Green Sukabumi Stone just can found from Indonesia.

Awesome Sukabumi Pool Tiles
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From upper Photo, we can see the Green Sukabumi Stone Applied for Walling and Flooring for the Pool. Sukabumi Stone Tiles has great resistance from pressure in swimming Pool and it’s have anti slip material. It’s make many resort in the world very recommeded to apply Green Sukabumi Stone to make natural Strong Swimming Pool.

Bali Andesite Stoen Floor
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Next Application for Floor in lounge with Natural view (Sea and forest). The floor for this place applied Bali Andesite Stone with Special Random Irregular and Flamed finishing. Its make the floor look more natural with gray Apperance. Andesite Stone is great tiles for walking because have strong material.

Great view in outdoor Lounge
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Another Application from Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches is Bali White Palimanan Stone Tiles for Flooring. This Natural Stone Tiles for Flooring applied for out door shower room. This stone make the floor has natural white appearance. The Bali White Palimanan Stone have sand texture, it’s make when we walk in here we will get natural stone sensation. Bali white Palimanan Stone Tiles also can found from Indonesia. It’s also can applied for Swimming Pool Deck and combined it with Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles.

White Palimanan Stone for shower room
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That our review about Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island, We hope you enjoy our review. For more information about natural Stone Tiles from Indonesia, don’t hesitate to contact us.