Kura Design Villas Costa Rica has wonderful concept. This Kura Design Villas build around Forest and Natural life. The Occupancy can look amazing Natural life forest and Beach from this Hotel. With forest and beach Feeling, The Occupancy will more enjoyable the holiday in costa rica. This hotel is providing many facilities like Spa, Restaurant, laundry, Outdoor swimming Pool, etc.

Awesome Green Bali Stone Tiles Pool
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With Amazing Natural view
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Kura Design Villas Costa Rica also providing the Swimming Pool with Luxury Natural Concept. This Swimming Pool located in front of beach. It’s make many people can Feel Beach and Forest Breeze from the Swimming Pool. To get more Fantastic design, this Swimming Pool Apply Green Bali Stone Tiles. Green Bali Stone Tiles can make the Swimming Pool has Natural Green Appearance with many great benefit.

Apply Green Bali Stone Tiles for Pool Tiles
Source : Instagram/kuradesignvillas

Infinity Benefit of Green Bali Stone Tiles

First, Green Bali Stone Tiles can make the swimming Pool has more clean and Fresh water. This Bali Stone Tiles has zeolite substance. Zeolite substance is one great material for purify water. With Zeolite, the swimming Pool can clean from some microorganism. Next, Green Bali Stone Tiles also make the Pool has stable temperature. It;s make the Pool will not very hot in sunny situation.

Amazing view from Bali Stone Tiles Pool 
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Furthermore, Kura Desin Villas Swimming Pool also has anti slip surface. It’s make this swimming Pool more safe. Green Bali Stone also can make the swimming Pool can survive for long time. It’s because Bali Stone Tiles has great hardness and density. This ability also make the Bali stone Tiles Pool can survive from high pressure in swimming Pool.

Infinity Bali Stone Tiles for Pool 
Source : Instagram/kuradesignvillas

This Swimming Pool also Apply Black Bali Lava Stone Tiles. This Bali Lava Stone Apply for Swimming Pool deck. It’s one great stone for swimming Pool deck because can survive for long time and has special ability to keep the temperature more stable. Bali Lava Stone has auto air flow system, It’s make the water can flow in the Black Bali Lava Stone Tiles.

Bali Lava Stone Tiles for Pool Deck
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