Mick’s palce located at Bingin Beach. This Beach is one Great place for boasting with Best Ocean Waves from Indonesia. If you want try rest near ocean Villa, this one place you can try. Mick’s place Villa can be used for much activity likes wedding and yoga.

Amazing Ocean View Near Pool (Source : Micksplace Bali)
Amazing Ocean View Near Pool
(Source : Micksplace Bali)

Mick’s Place has much facility for your vacation. There are Ultimate Pool with Ocean View, Spa and can take ocean activity. Swimming pool from Mick’Place has elegant and ultimate design because form with Unique Leaf and round shape. The great Leaf design has natural Green color and The Round design has black color.

Elegant Leaf Design (Source : Mick Place Bali
Elegant Leaf Bali Stone Tiles
(Source : Mick Place Bali)

Leaf Pool has formed by very rare Stone tiles in the world because just can found in indonesia. This Stone tiles called Green Sukabumi Stone with elegant Green Color when wet condition. This Stone tiles are best Stone tiles for pool because give much advantage (More : Green Stone Articel). I called Leaf design for this pool because Likes leaf form with Green color. This Leaf Pool is near the ocean view, make us very enjoy this pool because can feel and saw ocean from this pool.

Full Green Suakbumi Pool Tiles
(Source : Mick Place Bali)
See Ocean from Bali Pool Tiles
(Source : Mick Place Bali)

Second pool has elegant Round design with Black Color (Black Lava Stone Tiles ). This Pool Form by Black Lava Stone Tiles Indonesia. When we used Black Lava Stone Tiles on pool (wet condition) this stone will get Elegant black Color, If it is Dry condition some of that will look Gray and White color. If you want Dry condition with Gray and Black Color, we can supplier it to you with Export Quality Product.

Rounded Pool with Black Lava Stone Tiles
(Source : Mick Place)

That all our review for Amazing Mick’s Place. If you would like to know more about our natural Stone likes Bali Pool Tiles, Green Stone Sukabumi, Lava Stone Indonesia, White Limestone, Cream Limestone, Andesite, Black Basalt, Slate Stone, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us :

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