Rose Wood Bermuda is located in USA. This hotel has an amazing view because it was built near a beach. It is great to stay in a beach hotel, especially in USA. This kind of resort is very rare because USA is very busy and crowded. We will get many facilities, such as swimming pool, fitness and Spa. The service of the hotel is good.

White Palimanan Limestone Pool Deck
Source : Instagram/smartmovesyeg
White Palimanan Pool Deck
Source : Instagram/rosewoodbermuda

Rosewood Bermuda has a white concept. This concept makes the building look like the beach sand. To make the white concept, Rosewood Bermuda chose a great Natural stone tile.

White Palimanan Limestone Flooring 
Source : Instagram/hkluxurytravel

Great Application of White Palimanan Stone

The Rosewood Bermuda applied White Palimanan Stone for the flooring, pool deck and stairs. White Palimanan Stone gives some values for the flooring.

White Palimanan Stone has a stable temperature. This stone will keep cold in a sunny day. White palimanan Stone is available in a large size, but we should add the thickness to keep it’s endurance.

Another White Palimanan Limestone Flooring 
Source : Instagram/winedownwednesday_bda

White Palimanan Limestone Tiles is good for a pool deck because it has a smooth surface. The Pool deck will be comfortable for walking barefoot. This stone can be found in many countries, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia has a low price and the best quality. For more information, please contact us.

Palimanan Limestone Flooring near Beach
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That is our review about Rose Wood Bermuda, USA. For more reviews, please check on our website. For more information about Natural Stone of Indonesia, please contact us.