Twin Island Villas, Bali is a great villa in Bali. This villa is located around the forest. This villa is very recommended for holidays because we can feel the nature in this villa. This villa also provides many facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool, breakfast, air conditioned, etc. Those are some facilities from this villa.

White Limestone Pool Deck
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The private swimming pool of Twin Island Villas, Bali has a great concept. The concept is sky pool. We can see the view of nature and feel the nature from this swimming pool. This swimming pool was designed with special natural stone. The pool applied White Palimanan Limestone and Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles. The combination of white and green color makes the pool look beautiful.

Green Bali Pool Tiles with Amazing view
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White Limestone was applied for the pool deck. This is the best choice for pool deck because White Palimanan Limestone can make the pool deck comfortable and safe. This stone has smooth surfaces. This stone can be applied for flooring or walling. This stone is a soft rock. We need more thickness to apply it for flooring.

White Limestone Pool Deck With Green Location
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Benefits of Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone has many benefits for the swimming pool. This stone can make the swimming pool clean and fresh because Green Bali Pool Tiles has a zeolite substance. This substance is the best substance to purify the water from microorganisms. It is used as a water purifier system.

Detail of Green Sukabumi Tiles 
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Green Sukabumi Stone can make the temperature stable. A stable temperature prevents the growth of microorganism. Green Sukabumi Stone also has a good hardness. The swimming pool will be durable in all conditions and a long time. Green Sukabumi Stone can be applied for a deep swimming pool. This stone is very safe because it is anti slip material.

Awesome Pool with Green Bali Pool Tiles
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