Viceroy Hotel Anguilla is a great hotel. This hotel is located near beaches. We can see the beach anytime in this hotel because we only need to walk 50 meter to reach the beach. In the night, we can sleep comfortably. This hotel also provides many facilities and services. We will get a wonderful experience and satisfaction after we stay in this Hotel.

White Limestone Paving Pool Deck
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Another White Limestone Paving for Pool Deck
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The Natural White Palimanan Stone Flooring

Viceroy Hotel Anguilla was built with white concept. The concept makes the hotel look peaceful. Viceroy Hotel Anguilla made the pool deck using Natural Stone. The natural stone is White Palimanan Stone Paving. White Palimanan Stone is a great choice for a pool deck because it can make the pool deck comfortable.

White Limestone Paving
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White Palimanan Stone has a classic white color. This stone is a natural stone with a smooth surface. It is good for pool deck because we will be comfortable to walk barefoot. This stone also has another benefit. This stone is cheaper than the other natural stones. We can the White Limestone Paving in a large size, but we should add more thickness to keep it’s endurance.

White Limestone Paving Flooring
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