Now we will Review from Unique 353 Degrees North Hotel. This Hotel has Amazing Concept because has White Color every where in the Hotel. This White Concept make the Hotel Look Pure and Amazing. Furthermore, 353 Degrees North Building also add Natural Concept for Pool and for Environment. In this Villa we can refresh and Take a rest or Swimming with Comfortable because the Amazing White Concept.

Amazing Green Sukabumi Tiles (Bali Pool Tiles)
Amazing Green Sukabumi Tiles
(Bali Swimming Pool Tiles)

Firstly, We can saw amazing amazing Green Sukabumi Tiles from Pool Tile. It has Amazing Natural Green Color. Green Sukabumi Tiles is one great Pool Tile In the World. In bali, It’s Also Called Bali Swimming Pool Tiles because many of Swimming Pool in Bali were using Bali Tiles. This Green Color Combination with Green Natural Environment make the 353 Degrees North Villa was very Fresh and like Nature. Bali Swimming Pool Tiles is great choice for Swimming Tile because has many benefit in the wet condition.

Amazing White Limestone Pool Deck
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The White Concept for Pool Tiles and Pool Deck using Natural Stone Tiles. Natural Stone are using for Pool deck and Pool Tiles are Green Sukabumi Tiles and White Limestone Tiles. The First review about White Limestone Pool Deck. In above Picture we can saw The Great Natural White Color from White Classic Limestone Tiles. This White Limestone Tiles has big size with more thickness too to keep it from Crack and broken.

White Limestone Flooring Tiles
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In Above Picture we can saw Refreshing Location With Natural view. In this Location We can saw Green Forest and Also Mountain. It very hard to found in this modern World. With This Natural Concept the Hotel make the Customer very Enjoy the Place. Above Picture Floor also make from White Limestone Flooring.

White Limestone Honed (White Limestone Tiles)
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In Above Picture, The White Limestone Honed also can Applied to White Limestone Flooring. We can saw White Concept combination with Natural Stone Like White Limestone Honed was very Amazing. The White Limestone Flooring Tiles Applied in the Floor Near Pool. This White Limestone Flooring is very great applied to Outdoor and Indoor Location Too.

White Classic Limestone (Limestone Honed)
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White Classic Limestone Honed is one great choice for your home decoration too. That’s all of Review from 353 Degrees North Hotel, We hope you enjoy this Article. For more Information about Limestone Honed, Green Sukabumi Tiles, Bali Swimming Pool  Tiles, etc, Please don’t hesitate to contact Us :

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