Andesite Tiles has a plain surface and dark color of gray. The material of this stone looks like Black Spot Andesite. But, it has some black spots on the surface. Plain Andesite can be used for many parts of building, such as walls, tiles, floor, etc. This stone is strong and durable in all conditions.

Sample of Plain Andesite Tiles Indonesia     

On the picture above, we can see the example of Grey Andesite Stone. It has a little black spots and looks grey naturally.

1. Plain Grey Andesite Stone

Grey Andesite Stone can be finished in Sawn Cut, Honed, Rough Face, Bullnose, Flamed, etc. In this part, we will show you 3 finishing of this stone.

Sawn Cut Finishing of Grey Andesite Tiles Indonesia

Sawn Cut Finishing is not really smooth because it has a machine cut surface. This finishing is usually used if we want to save the cost because this finishing is cheap. For a pool deck or pool tiles, we recommend to choose Honed Finishing.

Honed Finishing for Grey Dark Andesite Stone Tiles

If you need a smooth surface, you can choose Honed Finishing. This Finihsing will make the stone comfortable for walking barefoot. This finishing is recommended for pool tiles, indoor, etc. This finishing is easy to be cleaned.

Dark Grey Flamed Andesite Stone Tiles

Flamed Finishing makes the stone color dark. This finishing looks likes Rough Face, but it is very thin. This finishing can be used for wall, tiles, etc. It makes the Andesite Stone look solid and elegant.

Gray Bali Andesite for Paving
Application Grey Andesite for Stairs

This is the application of Plain Andesite Stone for stairs. The stairs look grey and beautiful. These stairs use Honed Finishing.

2. More Information About Grey Andesite Stone

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