Banyan Tree Tree Ungasan Bali is one great choice for vacation. This Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali provide many luxury facilities and located near the beach. We will very comfortable stay in this hotel because this Hotel provide Private swimming Pool, Awesome beach view, Fitness Facilities, Intenational standard Service, Spa, Garden and many other Luxury facilities. We will get unforgettable moment when stay in this Hotel.

Green Bali Pool Tiles
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Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali was made some part of building using Natural Stone Indonesia. First, The Banyan Tree Ungasan provide Swimming Pool with Green Bali Pool Tiles. It was apply to swimming Pool Tiles and Swimming Pool Wall. Green Bali Pool Tiles is one famous natural stone in the world because has apply by many luxury swimming Pool in the world. This Green Bali Pool Tiles is very rare because just can found In Indonesia Country.

Green Bali Pool Tiles
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Other Green Bali Pool Tiles
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The Infinity Bali Pool Tiles for Swimming Pool

Green Bali Pool Tiles make the swimming pool has elegant clean and fresh water because this Green Bali Pool Tiles can kill some microorganism. This Natural Stone can Kill  some microorganism with Zeolite Substance. Other then that, Green Bali Pool Tiles also has anti slip material. It will make the visitor very suitable and safe when swimming in this Green Bali Pool. Green Bali Pool Tiles also has another great Benefit like can stable water temperature, more endurance in all condition, etc.

Andesite Pool Deck
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Gray Andesite Pool Tiles Indonesia
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Another Great Natural Stone Tiles apply in this Banyan Tree Ungasan is Andesite Pool Tiles. Andesite Pool Tiles Indonesia will make the swimming Pool more elegant because has Gray appearance and very comfortable. Andesite Pool Tiles Indonesia also make the swimming Pool deck more comfortable because this natural stone has high hardness make the stone far away from crack or broken, temperature more stable and etc.